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Many riders will always grab a merino wool cycling jersey. These experienced cyclists know the advantages of natural fabrics compared to human-made ones. Once a rider has experienced natural materials, they rarely willing to choose to wear synthetic again. Sadly not as many cyclists know their history as they should. Before the introduction of human-made materials, all cycling clothing was made out of this natural fabric.

Moisture can be a problem for riders, and natural fabrics wick away moisture keeping the body warm. While Merino can indeed get wet, it still retains its ability to do its job regardless of the among of humidity. Perspiration is always a problem for anyone doing something physical a cyclist often deals with sweat. However, they also deal with moisture coming from the atmosphere in the form of a shower. Making sure the body remains moisture free is a natural fabric most significant advantage.

Human-made synthetics are not green; instead, they are made of petroleum. Cycling has little impact on the environment, so many riders prefer to make sure their clothing also is low impact. Merino is a natural fabric that is harvested from certain sheep and is sustainable. Unfortunately for many riders, they cannot wear certain materials because it irritates their skin. Dermatologists highly recommend the use of natural fibers to reduce the anger of the skin.

These shirts are all natural and do not irritate the skin. Few riders who have experienced human-made materials can ignore the odor this clothing has. No matter how many times it is cleaned, the distinct smell remains on synthetic clothing. Natural cycling clothing will not smell no matter how many times it has been used. Smart cyclists are once again opting for a merino wool jersey over a synthetic one.

Switching to wearing natural fabrics is perfect for reducing irritation as well as being green clothing. Riders clothes should be the last of their concerns during a ride and more time then not synthetic materials seem to be a cause of concern. Find out more about merino wool cycling jersey at our website comments are closed,

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